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Elko MTB Trails

Singletrack Close To Town

Here in Elko, we are fortunate to have a decent network of singletrack close to town. Many people may be unaware of trails that we can ride. The best resource to help find these trails, other than riding with someone that knows where they are, is Strava. Below is a map showing the general location of the trails and below the maps are Strava links to some of the more popular trails. If you don't have a Strava account, it is highly recommended and best of all... it's free.

Trail map South of Elko.


The area with the most singletrack is at the south end of Elko. The best place to park to access these trails is by the fire station on South 5th Street.

Many of these trails are fun to ride in either direction. If it's a tough climb, it makes for a fun downhill.

Little Gem

B-52 Climb

Above luge singletrack

Crosscut Trail

Prime Loop

Trail map North of Elko.


When the singletrack south of town is in rough shape, the trails north of town are a good option. Most of these trails are doubletrack and seem to go on forever. This is a fun area to just ride and explore.

Lower 5th - Snowbowl sign

Snobowl sign to snowbowl lot

5th St Tower Climb

Adobe Summit

Kittridge Springs DH

Map of Lamoille Canyon

Lamoille Canyon

Some of the most fun and challenging riding in Elko is accessed from Lamoille Canyon. The highlight is probably the Talbot Trail at the base of the canyon. This trail is physically demanding and very rewarding.

If you ride the trails that start at the end of Lamoille Canyon, you can ride past Lamoille Lake and make it all the way to Liberty Pass. Beware that the trails beyond Liberty Pass are in a wilderness area and are restricted from bicycle use.

Powerhouse to Rock Spine

NFDR 343 Trail Climb

Lamoille lake descent

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